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Why us

Your problems, our solutions

We strive to provide you with the best solutions available, tailor-made to meet your business needs. Not only because it’s our job, but because we want to make your life easier.

Your data speak volumes

With data analysis and data integration, we explore the data that your company produces everyday to reveal new perspectives and new ways to face the market and optimise your work. A constant optimisation and revision of your performance can bring wealth to you and to those who depend on you: your employees, your clients, your suppliers, your family.

Your needs, your product

We do not believe in ready-made solutions: every customer’s needs are different. That’s why we build each solution from scratch, involving the customer in every phase of the development, using all the latest technologies and techniques.

Explore our services

Our services

Data Modeling

The way your data is organised is very important, as it reflects the way your company works. Data modelling is the analysis of data objects and their relationships to other data objects. Our long experience in this field can help you to keep all the data in your company well organised and to readily access them.

Data Mining

Sometimes data analysis requires data your company doesn’t own yet: from simple exchange rates to a more complex scenario where you need to relate your products to the current trends on social platforms. Working together, we can provide the information you need for your analysis, scraping and collecting them from all over the web efficiently and effectively.

Data Integration

“No man is an island entire of itself” is true even for the software in your company. Custom made software, CRM, ERP, ECM, E-Commerce sites. All these entities can acquire a greater value if you allow them to talk to each other. We can accomplish this by creating connectors, channels of communication between those entities.

Data Insights

We can help you find patterns of any kind: natural, social, economical. Discovering and understanding these patterns is very important to achieve better performance in all organisational units of your business. Patterns can reveal positive and negative behaviours, they can support you in your everyday decision making and show you a glimpse of future trends in your field. Ever thought about fulfilling your customers needs even before they know they have them?

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Enrico Parolin


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