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Software is for humans, not for machines. It should empower you, not hinder your needs.

7bridges provides you with the right software solutions: web applications, system integration, customer relationship management, on-site training.

Software within reach.

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You have an idea for your next project, but you want to explore its potential before jumping right into it. You want to understand whether the idea can turninto something real and useful or not.

We can help you understand the boundaries of your plan, and guide you through the best possible approaches inside them. We study with you what it takes to invest time, energy and money on your project.

If there is a solution, we can point it at you.


You understand what it takes to build your new project, but now you want to see what it looks like in the real world. You need proof for your concepts.

We can build a prototype to give you something closer to your project than your initial planning. We mimic the functionalities you have devised, and this will give you a better understanding of the capabilities of your project.

We give you the initial step towards your goal. Now it’s up to you.


We choose functional programming and Clojure because we want our software development to be practical, robust and secure. Clojure gives us the power of building fast and reliable applications, the kind of applications you want to use.

We choose ClojureScript to build user interfaces because we want to bridge the gap between front-end and back-end with the same language.


We provide on-site Clojure training for you and your team. We offer functional programming and Clojure development courses to bring you a new perspective in problem solving.

Clojure is functional, simple, and JVM-hosted. But what does it mean? Is it suitable for you and your company? 7bridges can explain the reasons why Clojure is your next best choice.

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Enrico Parolin

Enrico Parolin


Marco Dalla Stella

Marco Dalla Stella

CTO & Senior Software Developer

Manuel Uberti

Manuel Uberti

Senior Software Developer

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